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  • Stay Armed Against Domestic Violence


    Police arrested a man in Chattanooga TN, who they say ripped out a woman's eyeballs in a gruesome attack. Officers said they found a woman lying face down next to her eyeballs Wednesday night.

    According to an arrest affidavit, the assailant Michael Roberson is accused of ripping out the eyes of the mother of his child. Police said she was also stabbed in the stomach. Roberson told police they fought over the kid, the arrest affidavit said. The child's mother is now blind, and the father is behind bars.

    A 16-year-old neighbor said he tried to intervene and stayed home from school Thursday, trying to forget what he saw.

    The suspect sat on top of the woman, using only his hands to destroy her face, the teenager said. Witnesses said the child also watched the assault.

    Emily O'Donnell with the Woman's Foundation said the children are likely traumatized.
    "I have to believe that it is deeply disturbing for a teenager to see a woman beat to where her eyeballs are out," O'Donnell said. She said she's working on legislation that would add to the sentence of someone found guilty of committing domestic violence in front of a child.

    According to the affidavit, Roberson told officers he blacked out and didn't remember what happened,Court records states Roberson was charged with assault in 2006. The judge found him not guilty for reason of insanity, and the charges were dismissed.

    When involved in a domestic violence or even a home invasion, it is fair to say that your personal safety is instantly at risk. In this case, the victim was not able to gain access to any type of firearm to protect herself, yet purchasing pepper spray and/or stun device may prove to be beneficial. The device will be able to stun intruders, yet won't cause any life-threatening injuries.

    Spray, Stun and Run!

  • Husband has been Busted!

       Husband busted!


    Sweet T is back with another headline story of a the cheating husband busted with the use of our Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function. This is true story and this actually happened to a friend of mine. The names are fictional but story is true. Jane always felt that something was not right in her marriage anymore. She suspected her husband(Tyrone) was cheating on her and using their precious daughter to three way his calls to his girlfriend.

    Tyrone did this so that Jane would not know. Jane wanted to keep her family together so she kept asking Tyrone if he was cheating on her and Tyrone would tell her that he was not, but Jane had the gut feeling she was being lied to. Ladies we all know about that gut feeling, the women intuition or instinct that we as women possess. Jane said, Tyrone always talks on speaker phone in his car, so she bought the Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function. from First Line of Self-Defense.com.

    Jane said, that this little baby was easy to hide (very small) and comes with a microphone. She hid it under the carpet on the passenger side and ran the microphone to the center console. I’m loving it!

    Jane was able to hear everything.... all the lies, deception and back stabbing. Jane said she now has all the evidence she need!  Tyrone is out the house and in court proceedings. Folks visit our website at http://www.FirstLineofSelfDefense.com we have so many options available to you and your family.

    For those that are cheating out there you better call Tyrone!

  • I caught him cheating with hidden cameras

    Hidden Cameras 

    Have you ever had that gut feeling inside that your boyfriend was cheating on you? I did.  I

    would  come home and my bed would be made differently from the way I left it.  No, I don't

    have any pets. I was puzzled as my boyfriend would come home from work at the same time

    everyday like clock work.  I know that getting concrete evidence/ proof that my man is cheating

    on me can be a daunting task . Ladies, he started not to hang out with me and started showing

    less affection toward me had begun to change and the wheels in my mind had begun to turn.  I

    had heard about the different types of hidden cameras that I could place in my home and car

    just like a nanny cam.   We have been together for 11 years and I in a way I was in denial I guess.

    So,  a few more weeks went by and when he started to come home late, would hardly speak nor

    look me in my eyes he would go straight to the shower and claims to go hang out with the guys

    every night to play ball.  After further research I decide to purchase  a hidden camera for the

    bathroom and the bedroom.  Long story short, this peace of bleeping bleep  has been coming

    to my  home during his lunch break with the secretary where he works to my in my bed

    everyday. You should have seen them trying place everything back the way it was before it

    these two knuckle heads messed it up.  The hidden cameras saved me from living a life of

    wandering is  he cheating or not. So, the next day I had a police officer with me when he came

    home with his cloths out in the yard, of he tried to deny it but the proof was on the recording.

    He was out of my home and I was left with a piece of mind. It left me very heartbroken and

    angry for a longtime. However, I have learned to love again and pleased to say I am happily

    married now. Sometimes the very one we think are for us are simply distractions keeping us

    from our true love. Do I recommend using a hidden camera if you suspect your significant other

    is cheating,  absolutely.

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